Personal Description

A. Short Description:

Since young I have developed good passion of writing and speaking though my writing skills are still growing. I have written many short personnel diaries, love stories, letters, poems and other short write-ups. But today I have lost all those write-ups due to carelessness and moreover it is of least concern by a man like me who is from the background of uneducated simple peasant. In 2013 I have explored the information technology  and lead to the fruition of the  blog. I have designed it after exploring the features of blog and moreover sought help from few bloggers. Today it has become the folder of my write-ups where it shall stay until I live.


     B.  Permanent Address

  • Name: Tashi Phuntsho,    CID: 10703000396,   D.O.B:23/03/1995 
  • EID. No : 20170108075
  • Blood group:B+ive
  • B mobile No:17386746
  • Village:Dungsingma, Geog:Chaskhar, Dzongkhag:Monggar
  •  Country: Bhutan, Continent: Asia, Region: Southeast Asia
  • Father: Singye,  CID:10703000390,  D.O.B:01/01/1956
  • Mother: Sonam Pelmo,   CID:10703000391,  D.O.B:01/01/1960

  • House Number: Ja-2-81,      Thram Number: 46

C.  Schools I have studied:
  1. Chaskhar Primary School- Chaskhar Lower secondary School: Class PP to  Eight
  2. Yadi Middle Secondary School- Class Nine to Ten
  3. Bajothang Higgher Secondary School- Class eleven to Twelve
D. College I have studied:
  1. College of Natural Resources, Lobesa, Punakha, Bhutan

E. Qualification:
  1. Diploma in Forestry From College of Natural Resources
  2. Bhutan Higher Secondary School Certificate from Bajothang Higher Secondary School with Biomath science.
  3. Bhutan  Certificate of Secondary Education from Yadi Higher Secondary School
F. Leadership and Management
  1. Class captain of Class Eight at Chaskhar Lower Secondary School
  2. Class Captain of Class ten at Yadi Middle Secondary School
  3. Druk House Captain at Yadi Higher Secondary School
  4. President of Waste Management Club at College of Natural Resources
  5. Mess manager of 23rd diploma in forestry in every block week
G. Achievements
  1. Best debater form Chaskhar Lower Secondary School
  2. Best Dzongkha and English Debater from Yadi Middle Secondary School
  3. Best Dzongkha Debater from Bajothang Higher Secondary School
  4. Third position in BHSEC with 89 points in Dzongkha One
  5. Third Position in Diploma in Forestry from College of Natural Resources with 78.97%
  6. Second Position in RCSC viva examination
H. Interest
  1. Reading, writing and taking photographs of Nature.
  2. Founder and Admin of Beauty of Nature
I. Marital Status: Bachelor or single

J.  Activity Details/employment details:
  1. Done internship at Jigme Dorji National Park, Damji, Gasa
  2. Done Internship at Wangdue Territorial Division for a month
  3. Employed at Department of Forest and Park Services as Forest Ranger II 
  4. Serving at Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary placed at Nichula

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